What Happened to Ryan’s Sister on ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Was Tragic

Even though Ryan still mourns his sister, he has her to partly thank for the career he has today. While she wasn’t a part of Black Ink Crew: Chicago, he told Hollywood Unlocked that, shortly before her death, she offered him money to start his tattoo career.

“I went and got a tattoo kit and I just buried my own pain,” he said, of following through with his plans. “People ask how far I’ve come with tattooing or why I go so hard… I made a f–king promise that I probably wasn’t even gonna keep.”

But, he explained, he has used tattooing as a way to connect with other people, particularly women who were survivors of domestic violence themselves. And because of his sister’s murder and the tragedy Ryan’s family endured, he has been able to use the pain to make good on is promise.

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