What Happened to Ravi from ‘Jessie’? An Update on the Quirky Character

As far as the Jessie character is concerned, Ravi’s story continued in a spinoff called Bunk’d, which is still airing on the Disney Channel today. Season 1 of Bunk’d followed Ravi, Emma, and Zuri as they traveled to a summer camp in Maine. At Camp Kikiwaka, where their parents first met as teenagers, they met new friends and faced a number of different challenges.

So what happened to Ravi, exactly? In Bunk’d, he became a counselor of his cabin (and later a co-owner) at Camp Kikiwaka. In Season 3, however, Ravi nabbed a fellowship with a scientific college — prompting Karan to exit the series in 2018.

Bunk’d, which is currently in Season 5, continues to air on the Disney Channel today.

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