What Happened to Prop Hunt Mode in ‘Call of Duty: Cold War’?

Following the March 11 update to Call of Duty: Cold War, many found that the fan-favorite mode had been removed from the play options, disappointing many. Treyarch Studios, the developers of the title, did not publicly comment on its decision to remove the game mode from the game, nor did it answer whether or not it would be returning in future updates.

That being said, it’s not likely that Prop Hunt will be absent from Cold War for long.

According to @charlieINTEL, a verified Call of Duty leaks account, the mode will be returning “soon,” so expect it in a future update.

Reportedly, the mode will return with the addition of two new maps, Satellite and Miami Strike, giving players new battlegrounds to hide in while they play.

The developers of Call of Duty titles are known for removing modes of play for short periods of time following updates, often in an effort to keep some of the other modes in rotation. Often, the mode returns.

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