What Happened to Noah on ‘Love Island USA’? Here’s What Fans Think

On Day 26, three new contestants entered the Love Island USA villa, and one of them has already disappeared under mysterious circumstances. 

Noah Purvis garnered popularity among fans with his straightforward approach, having told Cely Vazquez about the shenanigans her partner, Johnny Middlebrooks, got up to with a newbie, Mercades Schell, during the intrigue-filled period of Casa Amor. What’s more, he made a strong impression on Moira Tumas as well. What happened? Why did Noah leave the show?

Noah Purvis reportedly left ‘Love Island USA’ due to a breach of contract. Here’s what happened.

A fan theory started spreading on Twitter soon after Noah made his first appearance on Love Island USA. A number of eagle-eyed fans have taken it to the social media platform to point out that he bears an uncanny resemblance to Ethan Purvis, a gay porn star. 

Some claim that CBS decided to take action after learning about his background in sex work. The prevailing hypothesis holds that his failure to disclose his occupation led to his firing from the popular reality TV show. 

what happened to noah on love island

Source: Twitter

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“them completely editing noah out of the show doesn’t sit well with me. at all.  sex work is work, it shouldn’t be stigmatized this much.  he didn’t commit any crimes, he didn’t hurt any body, he didn’t hurt himself. why can’t he be on the show?  #loveisland #loveislandusa,” wrote another person. 

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The producers have yet to make an announcement on social media. Noah hasn’t spoken up about what went down behind the scenes either, making it all the more complicated for intrigued fans to decipher whether his previous movie appearances would have played a significant role in the decision-making process. 

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Either way, the star’s page was removed from the Love Island USA website. The Instagram Story charting Noah’s most memorable moments in the villa is likely to have been removed from the official Instagram page of the show as well. 

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However, there are at least two videos posted on the Love Island USA YouTube channel that feature Noah. 

“Love Island USA – First Look: It’s All Greek To Connor” documents his very first moments inside the villa. “Love Island USA – First Look: The Truth Comes Out” sees him announce the “Suckerpunched” challenge. 

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