What Happened to ‘MasterChef’ Star Ben Watkins’ and his Parents?

Ben’s grandmother and uncle, Donna and Anthony Edwards, don’t know what caused Ben’s father to kill his wife and then himself. Anthony did say that the couple were discussing a possible divorce, and Ben’s father had cancer himself. The Times of Northwest Indiana reported that police were only made aware of the murder-suicide after they visited Ben’s family home for a welfare evaluation. Ben was reportedly present in the house when his father killed his mother then himself.

Ben’s parents owned two businesses in Gary, Ind. and Big Ben’s BBQ was named after the young man. His mother, Leila Edwards, “taught mosaic, stained glass and industrial sewing at a learning center for steelworkers” as per The Chicago Tribune.

Following Ben’s parents’ deaths, his uncle Anthony became his legal guardian. At the time, members of Ben’s community raised almost $30,000 to establish a trust fund for him.

Ben was known for having a personality that could “just light up a room,” a trait his mother reportedly shared as well. Our thoughts are with Ben’s family members, friends, and fans.

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