What Happened to Justin on ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’? He and Duane Reconciled

When Duane Chapman’s wife Beth died of throat cancer in June, fans took to social media to offer up their condolences to members of the Dog the Bounty Hunter cast. One individual deeply affected by the reality star’s passing was Justin Bihag, who appeared on the family’s former A&E show for six seasons.

Viewers may remember Justin as Duane and Beth’s “nephew,” though he isn’t technically related to either. He made headlines in 2007 when he lost his right leg below the knee following a car accident. 

What happened to Justin on Dog the Bounty Hunter?

The aspiring musician hasn’t always been close with the Chapmans. In 2014, Justin sued Duane and A&E over money he claimed to be owed for appearing on the series. According to the New York Daily News, the Hawaii native stated that he was only paid $28,000 despite promises of a much more lucrative contract.

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In Manhattan Federal Court documents, Justin also accused the cast and the show’s producers of using his devastating car crash as a “promotional tool” for the series. “Once the Chapmans were informed of the accident, they proceeded to do interviews with the media,” he alleged.

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The one-car wreck resulted in Justin being arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants, driving without a license, driving without no-fault insurance, and inattention to driving.

Justin has since reconciled with Dog the Bounty Hunter co-star Duane Chapman.

On Oct. 30, Justin posted a photo of himself and Duane eating a meal together. “No matter what has happened in our lives, just a dinner and a talk can help the soul, and our futures!” he captioned the pic. “Love you unks, and while people think this is the END, little do they know, this is just the BEGINNING!”

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Before Beth’s death, Justin shared his support for the Chapmans by speaking out against internet trolls. “Cancer is no joke!” he wrote on May 26. “And anybody who thinks you can tease or mock or hurt someone going through it is not only disrespectful, but stupid af!”

He continued, “Lost my grandfather last year, and it [appalls] me to see family or fans come after my Aunt [Beth] at this time.”

The pop, R&B, and hip-hop artist also paid tribute to the mother of four: “When I was little, I dreamt of Disneyland & [Beth] gave me that dream! I dreamt of being somebody in this life, [Beth] gave me that! I dreamt of being a star and [Beth] gave me the front row! [Duane], I appreciate you both immensely! I wouldn’t be me, without you!”

We’re happy to see Justin back with the old gang. 

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