What Happened to Jillian Harris After She Lost on ‘The Bachelor’?

Jillian didn’t just find success in her career — she also found true love! She started dating her partner — former professional snowboarder Justin Pasutto — in 2013, and the two have been together ever since. They’ve also added a few kids to the mix!

In 2016, Jillian announced that she and Justin were expecting their first child. On Aug. 5 of that year, they welcomed their son Leo George. And that was far from the end of the exciting announcements. On Christmas Day 2016, Jillian announced that she and Justin were engaged. Fast forward to 2018, when Jillian and Justin welcomed their daughter Annie Marjorie Bea to the family. They also have two adorable dogs named Nacho and Peaches. Basically, life is good! And we couldn’t be happier for Jillian and her family.

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