What Happened to Jen Carfagno on The Weather Channel? Details Inside

In one of those same Instagram posts, one of Jen’s followers asks her when she’ll be back on The Weather Channel. “Are you ever coming back [or are you] just living your best life,” the commenter says, adding: “Enjoy, shine on.” Jen replied to this comment saying, “Working behind the scenes this week getting ready for a new project coming soon!”

And when someone directly asked her “Are you still on The Weather Channel?” Jen responded “Yes” before referring again to this new project.

Another commenter wrote, “Good lord, woman, do you ever work anymore?! 😂 Seems like you’re always on vacation lately,” adding: “😢 Looking forward to seeing you on AMHQ!!!” Jen responded to this one as well saying that she’s got something else in the works. But for now, we don’t know what this new project could be.

In those comments, Jen says that she will announce what she’s been working on in the following weeks, but she doesn’t make any posts about it moving forward. This could mean that things haven’t come together behind the scenes just yet. Most of her posts have been about her work on America’s Morning Headquarters, but she did post about volunteering at Woodruff Scout Camp in Georgia for the Boy Scouts of America.

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