What Happened to Javi from ‘Teen Mom?’

The photo we’ve seen recently popping up again of Javi in the hospital bed is actually from an episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. The WE TV show takes couples who are trying to make a relationship work and puts them through drills to strengthen or test their relationship. It’s basically marriage counseling for our entertainment.

This particular drill was a “fake death drill,” in which one member of the strained couple would essentially play dead. In this case, Kailyn was told that Javi was on life support with critical brain damage after a car accident, and then asked to read a letter she wrote to him before she knew this would happen. The letter did not have the nicest things to say, so she actually tried to walk out, saying, “This is f—ked up.”

Instead, the therapist got her to stay next to Javi’s very alive and well body. Kailyn wept, showing the most emotion anyone had seen throughout their entire time on the show. Since the car accident was just fabricated, everyone including Javi was fine, except for maybe Kailyn. We can’t imagine how emotionally scarring that would be!

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