What Happened to Jake From CboysTV? The YouTuber Breaks His Silence

The content creator confirmed on Instagram that he left CboysTV and plans to start his own YouTube channel. Jake didn’t reveal whether this new venture was the reason he exited the group or if there was a falling out with the six remaining members, but we’re thinking it’s the latter based on a two-minute video he posted.

“Oh how I’ve missed you guys,” the self-described entrepreneur wrote next to a clip that showed a bunch of CboysTV merchandise being lit on fire. 

“I’m going to build a BANGIN’ Empire like never seen before,” he continued. “I’m heading down the road solo, and a new Channel is being born. Thank you for your patience and support! Your voice has been heard and the wait is over.”

A few days later, Jake added, “The Empire is coming. Yes, you’ll be a part of it. I’m gonna need you. Yes, there’s gonna be the craziest merch you’ve seen yet. And yes, the content will be insane, but it’s going to be what YOU ask for… Get ready, because you’ll be Hangin W/ BANGIN’ in no time!”

Some fans are still confused over Jake’s departure and unhappy that the Cboys haven’t addressed the situation. “#bringbackbangin or at least post an explanation to why he left,” one Instagram follower wrote, leading a second one to comment, “They will soon, Ryan [Iwerks] said they would.”

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It’s unclear whether Jake still works for his family’s business, Sherbrooke Turf, which specializes in erosion control and turf establishment for agencies such as the Corp of Engineers, Soil and Water Conservation, and Department of Natural Resources.

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