What Happened to Gypsy Mike from ‘Street Outlaws’? Here’s What We Know

The uncrowned king of California street racing will no longer appear on Street Outlaws

Gypsy Mike, who earned the utmost respect from the cast of Street Outlaws over the course of his more-than-two-decades-long career as a street racer, passed away on Dec. 18, 2020. 

An envied driver with many tricks up his sleeve, Gypsy Mike brought unmatched experience and an exceptional sense of composure to the adrenaline-drenched world of street racing. So, what happened to him?

‘Street Outlaws’ star Gypsy Mike reportedly died of a heart attack last year.

As a source cited by The Sun claims, Gypsy Mike suffered a heart attack only a few days before the holiday season in 2020 — and he didn’t make it to the other side. Some believe that the star had had a similar incident in the past. 

As a Yellow Bullet Forums thread shows, a few fans thought that Gypsy Mike suffered from COVID-19-related complications. However, the rumors seem ungrounded since the cause of death is yet to be released.

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“I’ve been racing over 25 years. I never lose,” Gypsy Mike explained in a promotional clip. 

“When you race Gypsy Mike you can easily get a win or you can easily get a loss,” Jeff Lutz said. “If you beat him? Holy s–t, you beat Gypsy Mike.” 

“I hardly ever lose on the street,” Gypsy Mike added. 

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One memorable episode of Street Outlaws saw him go up against Ryan Martin, a relative newcomer.  

The incredibly tense race led to a few unexpected complications for the legendary driver, whose car started spinning uncontrollably long before he even set his sights on the finish line. As seen in this clip from Discovery UK, Ryan managed to deal a heavy defeat to Gypsy Mike. 

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A fantastic driver with impeccable mannerisms to boot, Gypsy Mike will long be remembered as a merciless racer and an influential figure in the community. 

what happened to gypsy mike from street outlaws

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