What Happened to Father Gabriel’s Eye on ‘The Walking Dead’? It’s Bad

Warning: mild spoilers for Season 8 of The Walking Dead.

In Season 8, Episode 5, Father Gabriel covered himself in walker entrails to escape the Sanctuary trailer with villainous Negan. After his escape, however, Father Gabriel quickly began to deteriorate. Executive Producer Denise Huth spoke to the after-show Talking Dead to hint that he decided to interact directly with walker innards that caused his health to decline.

Insider captured the conversation where Denise said, “You know he’s definitely doing well, clearly, with the eyes, he’s very sick, he’s been sick ever since he and Negan ‘gut it up’ back in episode five.” When asked more directly if interaction with walker blood caused Gabriel’s fever and eye deterioration, Denise confirmed. 

“The science we never really know,” Denise said. “It makes sense. It’s interesting, I always loved back in that episode, back in 805, where Negan says to [Gabriel], when they’re starting to do it [cover themselves in walker guts], ‘Haven’t any of your people ever gotten sick doing this?’ That was certainly an indication that Negan has seen that happen.”

As a result of contamination, Father Gabriel would not turn into a walker himself, but rather, face bodily consequences.

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