What Happened to Delonte West? Why Mark Cuban Check Him Into Rehab

According to TMZ, a photo circulating the internet allegedly shows Delonte begging on the side of the road for money in Dallas. This isn’t the first time photos of Delonte visibly struggling have circulated the internet. In 2016, he was allegedly seen in Houston similarly begging for money, donned in a hospital gown. Later that same year, he was also spotted in Maryland in a similar scenario.

At the time, he denied he was homeless, though fans could tell the former athlete was clearly struggling.

In 2020, another video surfaced of Delonte allegedly being beaten up in the road. The altercation was recorded, and he can be seen arguing with police officers. The video at the time made it seem as though the NBA star was on drugs, as he was babbling and mildly incoherent, according to The Sun.

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