What Happened to Dari Alexander? Fans Think She Left Fox 5 News

If you follow Dari on social media, then you know that the anchor always shares what’s happening in her life behind the cameras. 

Whether Dari is spending time with her beautiful children, spending her leisure time gardening, or enjoying some R&R, the 51-year-old always keeps her fans and supporters in tune with her life.

That said, fans believe Dari’s absence has to be due to her health. Back on April 14, 2020, Dari shared on Instagram that she took a break from Fox News due to COVID-19. She celebrated her return to work.

“So glad to be back at work Fox 5 News on my shows 5 and 10 p.m. news again. Three weeks ago I had an insane fever … went to the emergency room and got tested for #coronavirus. Two days later it came back positive. It was scary as hell. I feel like an expert on symptoms because I had just about every single one,” she captioned the post.

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