What Happened to Danny Ocean? Is He Really Dead in ‘Ocean’s 8’?

Ocean’s 8 continued Steven Soderbergh’s heist phenomenon but instead of Danny Ocean as the movie’s titular character, it was his sister, played by Sandra Bullock, who assembles a team of professional thieves to pull off an impressive heist. In fact, the flick begins with the news that Danny Ocean is dead and that it happened between the events of Ocean’s 13 and 8

But is that what really went down? Or is Danny Ocean alive and well somewhere?

How did Danny Ocean die?

Fret not Ocean’s fans, because if you think that Danny Ocean is actually dead, then we’ve got some great news for you: he most certainly isn’t. There’s a pivotal scene where his sister, Debbie, visits his grave, which is marked with the year 2018. Since Ocean’s 8 came out during this year, that means he died very recently.

what happened to danny ocean

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You would assume that Debbie, being his sibling and all, would be more broken up by this fact, however, she doesn’t shed a single tear. But she doesn’t look that perturbed at all.

A visitor “unexpectedly” meets her at the gravesite of her dearly departed bro, and it’s none other than the eccentric Reuben Tishkoff.

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So what happened to Danny Ocean then?

Look, hanging out with Rusty and making snide little jokes while wearing cool suits definitely has its appeal, however, Danny must’ve gotten tired of living the criminal lifestyle and worrying about whether or not legions of cops or crooks are coming to get him.

The movie doesn’t really get too in-depth as to what happened to Danny or even visually or verbally confirming whether or not he’s really dead.

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So it could be that Danny and Tess (Julia Roberts) pulled a Dark Knight Rises type ending after faking his own death. Plus, since Debbie even gives a toast in his name and is indirectly contacting him via Reuben, then that could mean our square-jawed thief is going to make a return in Ocean’s 9, and could be teaming up with his sister and some of her motley crew of fellow burglars.

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