What Happened to Curly on ‘Port Protection’? A Look at the Show’s Cast

Port Protection follows the resident of Port Protection, Alaska, an extremely small village in rural Alaska that has fewer than 100 residents. In profiling them, the show digs into their rugged, isolationist way of life, set against incredibly harsh conditions. The residents of the town live without roads, law enforcement, or any other modern accouterments. They have chosen to live on the edge, where things can get dangerous fast. 

Although the show takes time to look at the lives of many of the town’s residents, Port Protection does highlight some residents more than others. Curly Leach is one of the town’s residents that is a regular focus of the show. Curly doesn’t believe in money and instead relies on trading in order to get what he needs. In Port Protection, his primary responsibilities are fishing and collecting firewood.

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