What Happened to Clay Travis? The Host’s Current Career Happenings

If you haven’t heard already, Clay is set to replace Rush Limbaugh on his namesake show, which will undoubtedly catapult him even further into the limelight among conservative figureheads.

Clay will be co-hosting the new program with Buck Sexton; the show will be called “The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show.”

Still, Clay is still not wholly abandoning his love for sports. In fact, the host has gone on record saying that he will still be a writer and guest on the OutKick website, despite selling it to Fox. Beyond even that, the enigmatic host will also be taking on a role on FS1’s Fox Bet Live.

It’ll be interesting to see how Clay is able to maintain such a busy schedule and if his remaining sports coverage will falter at all as he focuses largely on political talking points, but only time will tell.

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