What Happened to Chrisley and Company? Todd’s Idea Didn’t Succeed

From the time Chrisley Knows Best premiered on USA network, Todd Chrisley was entertaining viewers as the overprotective, know-it-all, but all around caring dad. 

Like the title of the show suggests, Todd has always inserted himself in his kids’ lives, even as they have started to grow up and move on from the household. One thing that has changed since the start of the show, however, is the business ventures the family hoped to branch out with, including the Chrisley and Company department store.

So, what happened to Chrisley and Company?

A big part of Season 1 of Chrisley Knows Best was Todd’s dream of opening a department store bearing his family’s name. It could have been something for not only him to focus on, but for his children to eventually take over as executives themselves. An empire, if you will. Since then, the Chrisley family has had more of a reality TV empire, especially with the spinoff Growing Up Chrisley. Because the department store idea seems but a distant memory, where it will likely stay.

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At the end of Season 1, Todd talked about finding a space for the Chrisley and Company department store and fans had expected to learn more about it in the following season. When Season 2 came, however, there was no word on the status of Todd’s store and it never opened in real life. Todd has never really addressed the forgotten store launch idea from early in the series and instead, the family has continued to focus on other business ventures.

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