What Happened to Cedric From ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’?

Fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will remember former housewife Lisa Vanderpump’s houseguest, Cedric Martinez. The pair’s good friendship only lasted through the first season, and her former roommate was MIA for the rest of Lisa’s time on the show.

The real reason for their falling out was never addressed on the show and it has only been talked about minimally since. What happened to Cedric, and where is he now?

Why did Cedric leave the show?

Previously, Lisa has admitted that she was scared Cedric would sell stories about her and her husband to the press after the pair had their falling out. She told Us Weekly in 2011, “I will sue if he sells any stories about me. I feel absolutely betrayed.”

Her husband, Ken Todd, had also claimed that Cedric threatened to get violent, and he alluded that he would lie to the press about the couple.

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“[Cedric] said, ‘I’m not asking for money, but I haven’t got any, and I’ve been offered to sell my story to magazines. I can say anything I want,'” Ken said during the reunion episode. “He said, ‘The last time I was this angry, I stabbed my father.'”

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It wasn’t until 2018 that Cedric finally spoke about his fallout with Lisa and her husband — claiming he wasn’t actually still friends with them when she joined the first season of RHOBH.

He spilled the beans on the situation to Kate Casey on her Reality Life podcast, telling her that Lisa had auditioned for the show while he was living with her family, but wasn’t booked until a year later — after he had moved out, according to Life & Style. He claims she had convinced him to move back in with them for the show, but their already-fractured friendship continued to break from there.

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lisa lance bass
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Lance Bass (left) and Lisa Vanderpump (right)

Allegedly, Lisa asked Cedric to get back together with her friend Lance Bass. Cedric previously dated Lance, but they broke up when he caught the former band member cheating. Lisa also pushed Cedric to open up about his past to the cameras for the show, revealing his history of homelessness and being raised by a prostitute.

“I understand her thinking [sic] process because she has made a lot of sacrifices in her life and she chose a certain path over something else,” he said. “And I wasn’t willing to do this.”

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What happened to Cedric after the show?

Cedric claims that by revealing as much as he did on RHOBH, he suffered professionally.

“It made my life so impossible,” he said. “I was pushed so hard that I did try to OD. It was just too much. For me, after where I come from, and I loved them so much; I trusted them so much and after what happened nobody wanted to hire me.”

He claims he had opportunities and other deals in the works before his time on the show — all of which disappeared.

“I was even talking to Days of our Lives — that went down the drain,” he said. “I would get disinvited to carpets — which is not a big deal, it’s just what it represents. I could not get work in a restaurant. I had no money!”

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Ultimately, Cedric decided to move back to the U.K. from Los Angeles, and he spent a few years there working in the hospitality industry. In October 2020, he revealed to Heavy that he had been living in Léon, France. He also made it clear he never wants to work in reality TV again, and that he was “in danger” after appearing on the show.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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