What Happened to Brian From ‘Barnwood Builders’? Why He Left

As one of the best-known stars on the show, Brian championed an easy-going, joyful approach to life and work. Unfortunately for fans, he disappeared from the series after just a few seasons. He ultimately wasn’t featured on the show after its Season 2 finale.

To add to the confusion, some fans started to circulate rumors about his tragic death in 2020. The obituary fueling this rumor concerns another person with the same name, though. Brian is still very much alive — but he prefers to lead a private life these days. 

Brian is aware of the rumors and, in fact, finds them pretty funny. In one interview, he said, laughing, “Social media is so weird. …  [E]verybody keeps sending me these things where I’m dead on YouTube, or they’re trying to figure out whether I’m dead. … I never was told if you quit being on a TV show, you die.” Although Brian highlighted that he does have certain medical ailments, he is currently alive and well.

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