What Happened to Amanda Rollins’ Sister? Kim Is Back on ‘Law & Order: SVU’

In an episode titled “Eternal Relief from Pain,” Amanda’s sister, Kim Rollins, “stirs up trouble and a possible SVU investigation when she reports a doctor who trades prescription painkillers for sex,” according to the episode’s description.

While Kim herself isn’t a regular on the series, she’s had a number of run-ins with cops that have cemented her into the SVU universe, perhaps most notably the time that Deputy Chief Charles Patton (Harry Hamlin) dropped her charges in exchange for raping Amanda (Kelli Giddish).

Keep reading for a full recap on Kim Rollins’ character, what we can expect from her Season 21 appearance, and where else you can see actress Lindsay Pulsipher.

What happened to Amanda Rollins’ sister, Kim?

We first meet Kim Rollins in Season 14 when she’s visiting New York and dating a shady drug dealer called Jeff Parker (Theis Weckesser), then gets arrested and needs her sister “Mandy” (how cute) to bail her out.

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After that unfortunately incident, Kim spends two and a half years as a fugitive, and doesn’t come back to the show until a series of robberies, shootings and druggings land her in Rikers, where a pregnant Amanda visits her. 

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When Kim is up for parole a year later and testifies to the board, she cites Amanda’s baby, Jesse, whose birth she was behind bars for, as the reason she’s cleaning up and becoming a born-again Christian. 

She finally gets out and stays in Amanda’s apartment for a while, then ultimately reveals that she’s off drugs but taking medication for her bipolar disorder, which Amanda didn’t even realize she had.

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Now, Kim has a baby of her own.

At one point in Season 18, Amanda says that she left Jesse with Kim when her babysitter didn’t show up, leading viewers to think that Kim now lives in New York full-time. 

Three years since her last mention, it seems Kim will resurface to play a critical role in bringing down a slimy doctor, who trades prescriptions for sexual favors.

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“I’m in trouble,” she continues. “I kind of failed a drug test today. And if they revoke my parole — I have a kid now, a boy. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you – Anyway, call me back soon as you can. I really need some advice. Okay? Thanks, love you.”

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