What Happened to Acid Princess on TikTok? We’re Spilling Tea

When TikTok stars like Emmahlu have faced similar controversies, they’ve taken to Instagram and TikTok with long, heartfelt apologies. And while the apologies aren’t always accepted, it at least shows the offender taking accountability for their actions. Acid Princess, however, took an entirely different approach to the situation. 

Shortly after angry comments began flooding in, per Tee Tea, Acid Princess took to TikTok to address the situation… sort of.

“I am sorry. I agree with you all and I should be cancelled,” she said. She then said she planned on making a video soon, but her phone had no mic. It’s unclear if she ever made another video, however, because she ended up deleting her entire TikTok account. That’s right — she packed up, and bid her 60,000 a quick goodbye. Weird.

View more information: https://www.distractify.com/p/what-happened-acid-princess-on-tiktok

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