What Happened Busby’s Cycling Studio? An Update on Their Business

Fans certainly can’t get enough of the Busby family. The TLC show Outdaughtered follows real-life parents Danielle and Adam Busby as they raise their six daughters, 4-year-old quintuplets Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley, Parker, and 8-year-old Blayke. 

Feeding eight mouths can definitely be a challenge, but luckily, Adam and Danielle have their hands in multiple businesses. 

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Besides filming the hit reality TV show, which reportedly earns them $25,000 per episode, the father-of-six works as an account manager with Intrinsic Solutions/Sprint Safety. As for Danielle, she works as a beauty consultant selling skincare products for Rodan & Fields. She also recently launched a clothing line with her sisters Crystal and Ashley. The line, CADi Fitness, features workout gear and apparel for women.  

danielle busby clothing line

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However, this is not the first business venture into health and fitness for the Busby family. The pair previously owned a gym in League City, Tex. So, what happened to the Busby’s cycling studio? 

What actually happened to the Busby’s cycling studio in Texas?

Back in 2017, Danielle and Adam announced that they were operating a cycling studio with a few close friends. In fact, it was a huge storyline on the TLC series. 

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busby family outdaughtered rush cycle

Source: Buzz World Blog

She added, “We spent months trying to find the best location, going over studio design, picking out materials, hiring instructors and staff, doing a lot of marketing… It is so rewarding to see it come together.”  

Since opening the franchise, fans have noticed that Danielle and Adam have not recently posted about their studio on social media. 

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TV Shows Ace reached out to the League City studio and confirmed the news that the Busby duo are no longer owners of the fitness franchise. Though Danielle or Adam have not mentioned why they decided to part ways with the business, we guess it may have to do with their busy schedules.  

danielle busby outdaughtered family

Source: Instagram

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Danielle Busby speaks out against mom-shamers. 

It is not uncommon for reality TV stars to be picked apart by their “fans.” However, Outdaughtered’s Danielle isn’t letting the criticism faze her relationship. Setting aside one night a week for the couple to spend time without kids is a majorly debated topic on the TLC star’s Instagram page. 

She continued, “People have opinions and feel free to voice them, but I stay strong on who I am and who we are, and I’m sorry if you don’t like that. We’re trying to do what’s best for our family and our kids.” Well said, Danielle.  

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