What Happened Between Logan Paul and Jessica Serfaty? What We Know

Unfortunately, you’re most likely somewhat familiar with Logan Paul — back in 2017, the blonde-haired YouTube star posted a highly controversial “Suicide Forest” video in which he gawked at a hanging body. We all hoped “cancel culture” would pull Logan into the unknown abyss, and that we would never hear from him again. 

But alas, Logan frequently comes back into our lives — unannounced — from time to time, releasing irritating and highly questionable videos. But one thing we’re particularly interested in is how his relationship with a certain blonde model ended. Rumor has it that Logan Paul and Jessica Serfaty’s relationship ended quite poorly.

But it seems like Logan moved on — his dating life has flourished since their breakup. 

The same year Logan and Jessica parted ways, Logan started a new relationship with professional model and fitness trainer, Amanda Cerny, according to Sporting News. They basically vlogged their entire relationship, and for the most part, they seemed happy. Later that year, he also may have dated actress Teala Dunn.

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The following year in 2017, Logan reportedly dated Alissa Violet, a model, actress, and YouTuber. She dated Logan after dating his younger brother, Jake. 

Logan’s dating life is constantly a roller coaster — he clearly dates around and doesn’t like to be tied down. But his relationship with Jessica was one of his longest, so clearly, we couldn’t help but wonder why they broke up. Their failed relationship is definitely a disappointment — they were honestly beautiful together.

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