What Does Whitney Way Thore’s Dad Do? Glenn Thore’s Net Worth Revealed

There’s no saying whether these health setbacks are forcing Glenn to stay home these days, but if they’re not, he’s probably still in the printing industry, which he’s worked in for over 35 years.

On LinkedIn, Glenn describes himself as the general manager and vice president of PBM Graphics, a general commercial printer in Greensboro, where he lives. Life & Style reports that he left that job to be a Corporate Manufacturing Manager at Millennium Print Group in Morrisville.

According to the website MyLife.com, 73-year-old Glenn makes an annual salary of six figures, which brings his net worth to somewhere between $250,000 and $499,000.

For fans, Babs and Glenn are a great draw to the show. “Their unconditional love for [Whitney and Hunter] is, in a word, FANTASTIC,” one fan gushed in a tweet that Whitney retweeted. 

However, viewers have also noted that Glenn wasn’t exactly the most supportive of his daughter’s weight in previous seasons of the show, when he told the camera: “I love Whitney to death, but it takes more than dancing to get Whitney into the kind of shape I think will make Whitney happy.”

Now that he’s been a rock for her in her recent false-positive pregnancy, it seems the father and daughter have worked out their differences. We just hope that Whitney is able to maintain her close connection to her parents and brother after she makes the move from Greensboro to Charlotte. 

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