What Does Scott Peterson Look Like Now? Not Much Has Changed

Almost two decades after Scott Peterson was convicted of killing his wife, Laci Peterson, and their unborn son shortly before Christmas 2002, California’s Supreme Court officially decided to overturn his death sentence in August of 2020. However, the murder convictions stand. 

The shift in the death sentence ruling was headline-making in and of itself, but it also marked one of the first times that the convicted felon’s face has been seen publicly in 18 years. 

Scott Peterson spent over 15 years on death row before the sentence was overturned.

Living on death row in San Quentin for years certainly isn’t easy, but according to Radar Online, he’s been protected from harm after apparently taking on the role of the prison “Snowbunny.” 

This means he has agreed to exchange sexual favors with a group of tough inmates for protection. One inmate, 6-foot-6 Raynard Cummings, explained how he and his buddies — called “The Tribe” — have Peterson wash their underwear and give them hot oil massages in exchange for bodyguard services.

This protection agreement could explain why Peterson didn’t look particularly worn down from the 18-year prison experience, but it could also be due to his “cushy” prison lifestyle. According to The San Diego Union-Tribune, Peterson has been housed in what they described to be a particularly nice part of the prison. It apparently includes a basketball court, an outdoor shower and toilet, tables, and a roof that provides the inmates with shade. 

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Minus the fear of his impending death sentence, which has officially been canceled, as well as the sexual favors he was allegedly required to provide for protection, Peterson’s lifestyle in prison doesn’t sound too taxing. It comes as no surprise he hardly looks haggard at all, as you can see in the mugshot taken in 2018 below.

screen shot    at  am

Source: YouTube

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Though Peterson’s face hasn’t been seen much since, the public is still hearing about his case. His sister-in-law, Janey Peterson, said that the San Quentin inmate is interested in another trial because he believes that his first one was unfair. 

“There’s absolutely no physical evidence at all that Scott committed this crime,” she said, per ABC News. “You can’t just pick Scott as the default because you don’t know what else it could have been,” said his sister-in-law, Janey Peterson. “To dump his wife’s body in broad daylight. It just defies logic.”

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In April of 2021, a trial judge allowed Peterson’s lawyers to have a 60-day extension to continue working on their case in the event that there is a retrial. 

“What I want the public to know in this coming trial is: just listen to the evidence,” his defense attorney, Pat Harris, said to ABC News. “Don’t go on emotion on this. It’s rare in life you get a second chance. It’s taken 18 years for Scott, sitting in a jail cell.”

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