What Does “POG” Mean on TikTok? Details on the Slang

Another day, another slang term on the internet that befuddles users to no end. If you’ve ever scrolled through popular media sharing services, you’ve definitely come across an “insider” term or two that made absolutely no sense to you. I can still vividly recall the rage I felt after seeing countless Reddit commenters write, “the narwhal bacons at midnight.”

And if you’ve been browsing through TikTok and have seen people throwing the term “POG” around, you’ve probably asked yourself, “What does that mean?!”

What does “POG” mean on TikTok? No, it’s not a trendy toy that’s gone out of fashion.

I know what you’re thinking — Pogs are those little circular pieces of glossy cardboard you throw heavy metal discs at to then place inside a binder filled with plastic sleeves. The collectible little animated pieces, for a while, became a kind of elementary and middle school currency, with kids furiously trading their Pogs during lunch and recess.

No, Pogs aren’t making a comeback, in case you were wondering or hoping.

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One commentator in particular has literally become the face of what this slang stands for: Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez’s expression during a 2010 video he made where he put on the overly excited facade for comedic effect. Gootecks is a redoubtable Street Fighter player, and his face has become known affectionately as the “PogChamp” emoji.

The term “POG” was then extended to be another way of saying something was good, great, or amazing.

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While the term “POG” isn’t controversial by any means, the face that’s very closely associated with the term, however, is. Gootecks came under fire after he expressed sympathy for a “MAGA Martyr” who was shot and killed during the Capitol riots that took place in January of 2021.

He questioned whether or not her death would lead to “civil unrest,” or if she would ultimately “die in vain.”

pogchamp tweets what does pog mean on tiktok

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Folks didn’t take too kindly to the fact that Gootecks was viewing the woman in question, Ashli Babbitt, as a martyr, and others felt that he was displaying some type of support for insurrectionists at the Capitol. Even worse, many felt his tweet was a call for more violence.

Twitch users began to request the platform remove Gootecks’ face as the emoji, as per Twitch’s harassment policy.

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