What Does Kenny From ’90 Day Fiancé’ Do for a Living? He Works Hard

Armando Rubio and Kenny Niedermeier have become the 90 Day Fiancé gift that keeps on giving. They are the first openly gay male couple on the show in its history and they are fan-favorites for many. Their honesty and sincerity in their relationship has made them relatable and sympathetic for viewers and so many fans are rooting for them to be able to get married and finally start their life together in Mexico.

Their journey hasn’t come without criticisms or setbacks, of course, but they have managed to form a strong foundation for their relationship, and viewers see that. But there are some questions, like how much Armando’s family really supports them and what Kenny’s job is back in the United States. For every inquiry, however, the couple has plenty to say and they have never been shy about sharing the details of their life together.

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