What Does John Lewis’ Son Do? John-Miles Lewis Was Adopted

The politician was introduced to his future wife, Lillian Lewis, at a New Year’s Eve party hosted by Civil Rights leader Xernona Clayton in 1967. At the time, Lillian had been working at a library at Atlanta University. The pair wed in 1968.

Eight years later, in 1976, they adopted a two-month-old son together, who they named John-Miles Lewis. John-Miles was actually named after both of his parents, as Lililan’s maiden name was Miles and, of course, he inherited his father’s first name. 

John-Miles was the only child of Lillian and John Lewis. 

In a cruel twist, Lilian passed away on New Year’s Eve in 2012, which was the anniversary of her meeting with John. She had reportedly been ill for quite some time leading up to her passing, but the cause of her death has not ever been publicly revealed. 

John-Miles is now in his mid-40s, and he has been present at the various memorial services held for his father throughout the country. 

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