What Does It Mean When Someone Comments “Bump” on Facebook?

If you personally are making a post you would like bumped to increase engagement, it’s not unlikely that you’ll find a few comments on your post that don’t always feel like they’re contributing productively to the conversation. Whether it’s a political post or just a regular message you’re trying to get out there, it’s really easy for Facebook comment sections to become nasty.

If you find the comment section of your post filled with nasty comments that you’re not happy with, then maybe it’s time to hide some of the comments on your post.

To hide a comment, select the three dots next to the comment you would like to hide from your post. Then, select the option to hide the comment.

You also have the option to delete a comment from your post, though if you’re dealing with a particularly belligerent commenter, this will be more noticeable to them.

Hiding a comment on Facebook will only make the comment visible to the poster and their friends. This prevents your friends from college from seeing your family’s comments on your recent political post (and ultimately getting into an argument with each other).

That being said, if the person whose comment you’re trying to hide shares many mutual friends with you, hiding the comment might not solve all of your problems, so weigh your options before deciding what to do.

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