What Does “Fruity” Mean on TikTok? TikTok’s LGBTQ Community

Popular video-sharing app TikTok is home to some unusual and very niche sides of the internet. Despite the Trump administration threatening to ban the app from being used in the U.S. over concerns about citizens’ data privacy, TikTok has somehow managed to not lose its users through the whole scandal, and many of these communities continue to thrive on the app among its 800 million international users.

Between the social network’s thriving cottagecore following, the TikTok cults, and even the conservative groups, just about any fanbase and identity has a home on the app, curated by each individual’s “For You” page.

But with these niche groups come new slang terms that many find confusing the first few times they see them. One particular term has some scratching their heads.

What does “fruity” mean on TikTok?

What does “fruity” mean?

“Fruity” is often a term used on gay TikTok, and is used as slang for identifying as LGBTQ. This is best explained by Mattie, or @westbrouck, whose viral TikTok put “fruity” into context.

Mattie explains that a particularly masculine customer came into their work (who Mattie describes as the “trucker version of Hulk”), asking which drink he should order, to which Mattie suggests the man order the pink lemonade tea.

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“Oh that sounds kind of fruity,” they said the customer replied, to which Mattie said, “Oh, well sir, I’m fruity.”

By this, they meant they identified as LGBTQ, though the customer didn’t understand.

Mattie’s hilarious reenactment of this encounter brought in more than 11 million views and 3.8 million likes, as many of their followers though the interaction was hilarious and wholesome.

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There are other LGBTQ creators who have also used to the term “fruity” as a euphemism for their sexual orientation, especially with many of the male-identifying LGTBQ creators. 

Mattie’s explanation, though, is arguably the most wholesome on the app — especially because their customer leaves the store satisfied, telling them, “Y’know kid, I think I might be fruity too,” — of course, referring to their drink of choice in this instance.

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