What Did She Look Like?

While early photos of Eiza show her with a wider nose, as well as smaller lips and a rounder face. Her teeth also look different in early pictures. Those who follow her closely have noticed that her face has changed drastically since she came to the U.S. Her lips have gotten much fuller, which many suspect to be the result of lip injections, and that’s not the only change. 

Although you can tell that her nose gets smaller in the early 2010s, some have speculated the Eiza had another surgery to have her nose changed again. By the mid 2010s, it looks even smaller and more sculpted than it did in earlier photos. There’s also speculation that she had cheek injections done, as they begin to look more sculpted and less round as photos of her get more recent. 

It’s possible, of course, that some of these changes could be ascribed to Eiza aging. After all, the early photos of her are from when she was quite young, and things like weight loss and aging could have made her cheeks especially seem less round as she grew older. Given the other changes she made, though, many believe that the shift in her cheeks is the result of surgery. 

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