What Are Toby Keith’s Political Views? He Was a Big Bush Supporter

Although many artists have come out in opposition to Trump, Toby was one of the few musicians who was willing to perform at his inauguration in 2017. After he performed, Toby said he got a number of messages from fellow artists who were jealous that Toby had performed and they hadn’t. “I’m not naming names, but there’s a bunch of people that . . . were committed, and they backed out due to pressure,” Toby said. 

Toby said that it had never occurred to him to consider canceling on Trump and pointed out that he had performed at events for both George Bush and Barack Obama. For Toby, the event was more about honoring America than any particular president. It was also a move that he believed would go over well with his fans. 

“If you don’t succumb to that kind of pressure, you’ll always come out stronger. Your fans will love you more, your friends will love you more, your peers will respect you more,” Toby said. “At the end of the day, you just get another notch on your gun belt.” 

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