Wendy Williams’ Ex Doubles Down on Beef Between Him and Charlamagne

It all started with recent comments about Kwame Brown that Charlamagne made while commenting on the tiff between Brown and Matt Barnes, which also involves popular sports personality Stephen Smith. Charlamagne made references to Brown’s family’s history of murder and domestic abuse. Brown didn’t appreciate the allusions the radio personality made and had a few choice words for the host.

Hunter seems to have piggybacked on the ire hurled towards Charlamagne, writing on Instagram, “I see we back to Charlamagne storytelling time!” (Salute to Kwame Brown) After all the talk I think it’s time to share some real scary truths about an individual y’all really still [know] nothing about. And definitely time to clear up the lies. Truth is powerful, and there is only one true God. I regret the day I ever brought you around any of my people.”

He continued, “My ex been told me you was a piece of s–t, and I mean early. I was like, ‘Nah this lil dude like my brother.’ Treated him like family, [opened] my home, let [him] live rent-free, got [him] his first job and salary next to the queen of New York radio in the No. 1. market only for this f–kboy to act like an unappreciative piece of s–t. Time for TRUTH.”

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Charlamagne hasn’t responded to Kevin’s IG call out, however, he has recently apologized to Kwame Brown.

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