Was ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ About Ed Gein? It Isn’t a True Story

One of the most prominent connections people have made over the years in regard to movies using Gein as inspiration is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. But, in reality, Gein never even used a chainsaw on his victims. Many of the people whose bodies he mutilated and skinned were from graveyards. When he did attack living people, Gein used a gun rather than a chainsaw.

In 1954, Gein used a gun to kill a barkeeper, then brought her body to his house, presumably to dissect her. He later killed a cashier at a local hardware store. While it is believed that Gein murdered others during his active years, he only ever admitted to these two specific cases. They were enough to convict him, however. And until his 1984 death, Gein spent his remaining years in a mental institution.

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