Was Itskobe’s Death an Accident? How the 19-Year-Old YouTuber Died

As previously mentioned, Kobe’s loved ones were hopeful that the 19-year-old would recover from the injuries that he sustained in the motorcycle accident, but sadly, that was not possible. The social media star’s 50,000 fans and are currently mourning the loss of the hilarious and beloved YouTuber with heartfelt tributes.

Twitter user @lucasd1k was one of many saddened by the loss of the internet sensation. He said: “rip. cant believe how a life can just end that fast. 20 years of life, all ended in 1 second. life is short, make use of your time and do something YOU want. f–k money, girls, fame, be f—–g happy. rest in peace to kobe nunez.” 

Likewise, Twitter user @RichFlee_ took to the social media app, and said: “Don’t take life for granted, live it to the fullest Long Live Kobe Nuñez . Gon miss you bro.” 

Check out more tributes to the widely beloved social media star below.

The YouTube community is heartbroken by the loss of Kobe Nunez. We’re sending out all of the love to the fans, family, and friends of the wildly popular internet celebrity during these extremely difficult times. RIP, Kobe Nunez, you will be missed by so many people across the globe.

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