Trump earned as much as $1 million from ‘The Art of the Deal’ last year

A book Donald Trump first published in 1987 made him as much as $1 million 30 years later, documents released Wednesday by the Office of Government Ethics show.

“The Art of the Deal” continues to be a major money-maker for the president. In 2017, he got royalties of between $100,001 and $1 million, the same as reported in last year’s disclosure.

Trump’s newest financial disclosure form doesn’t say if he’s a billionaire. But he earned a bit more money in 2017 from giving advice on how to think like one than he did previously.

In calendar year 2017, the documents show, Trump got between $2,501 and $5,000 in royalties for his book “Think Like a Billionaire.” In the form released last year, which covered the period from January 2016 through April 15, 2017, Trump reported less than $201 from that same book.

The forms provide a snapshot of the performance of Trump’s Washington hotel, Mar-a-Lago resort and other properties, and also reveal that he reimbursed his lawyer Michael Cohen more than $100,000. Cohen has said he paid pornographic actress Stormy Daniels not to go public with her allegations about an affair with Trump.

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Royalties for most of Trump’s books — including “The Art of the Comeback” and “Why We Want You to be Rich” — were listed as the same in both year’s reports. Both brought in less than $201. Royalties for “Think Big and Kick Ass” also were unchanged, at less than $201.

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Besides “Think Like a Billionaire,” Trump reported more royalty income for “How to Get Rich” on this year’s form: between $15,001 and $50,000. That’s up from the $5,001 to $15,000 he reported last year.

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