Troy Zarbruh Had His Nudes Leaked and His Awful Fans Were Exposed

Most of Troy’s social media has been quiet since his private photos were leaked, and his Twitter account has currently been set to private. Allegedly, the only place he has responded to the photos is on his spam TikTok account, where he posted a video recently. In the comments of the video, he addressed his absence from his main account.

“I’m not posting on my main acc for a lil cuz I don’t want my parents to see,” he commented. “I’m good guys dw. Love y’all.”

While the account name the comment was posted to has been hidden, the user also shared a photo from the video, in which Troy writes “It’s over a year old. Idc.”

It’s unclear if, in his comment, he’s referring to the photos that were leaked, but if he is, that means they were taken while Troy was still a minor, and whoever leaked them could face child pornography charges for sharing them.

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