Todd and Julie Chrisley’s Tax Evasion Update and Settlement Details

It appears as though the ongoing battle for Todd Chrisley to clear his family’s name following their tax evasion scandal is (basically) over. The patriarch of the USA original series Chrisley Knows Best was indicted on tax evasion charges in August, along with his wife, Julie Chrisley. Todd immediately spoke up once the charges went public about how he would prove his family’s innocence, and he even blamed his oldest daughter, Lindsie Chrisley, for bringing the accusation to the police.

Todd and Julie Chrisley’s tax evasion settlement news explained. 

News broke on Oct. 9 that Todd and Julie Chrisley were cleared in the state of Georgia for charges of tax evasion. In August, the couple was indicted on several counts of tax evasion, bank fraud, and wire fraud. According to court documents, between 2007 and 2012, the couple allegedly turned in fake bank statements in order to receive loans worth millions of dollars. 

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Todd said at the time that the allegations of him faking bank statements were untrue, and that an employee of his made them up. 

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In order to settle the case in Georgia, Julie and Todd agreed to pay over $144,000 to the Georgia Department of Revenue. They also received a refund of $66,000 from taxes from 2013 to 2016. 

Though the Chrisley’s are hailing this settlement as a victory, they are still facing the 12-count indictment on a federal scale. 

Todd addressed the settlement on his Instagram page, and the toll that it took on his family. 

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“Since March 2017, we have lived with this storm of lies, fraudulent misrepresentations and betrayal regarding the false claims alleged against us with the Georgia Dept of Revenue,” he wrote. “We’ve endured press standing outside our homes, agents confronting our kids in restaurants, and constant leaks to the press to bolster the lies that started this investigation, false claims of millions of dollars owed because the bigger the number, the more people want to read about it.”

Are Todd and Lindsie Chrisley speaking again?

When Todd and Julie’s tax evasion nightmare began, Todd posted about how his daughter Lindsie was to blame. Todd had kids Kyle and Lindsie with his first wife, Teresa Terry, and he accused Lindsie of bringing the charges to the police. 

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He also said that she had cheated on her husband, Will Campbell, with Bachelorette contestants Robby Hayes and Josh Murray. He claimed she was afraid that sex tapes of this would be released by her brother, Chase Chrisley. 

Todd had been open about his estrangement from his two oldest kids, but that he had recently reconciled with Kyle. Lindsie, on the other hand, has not been in contact with her father since the tax indictment occurred. 

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Lindsie spoke on her podcast, Coffee Convos, and she denied the allegations that she turned her dad and stepmom in to the police. 

“I just find it a little ironic that there is some blame game things going on, and I just really had no involvement in that,” she said.

“I just really don’t appreciate it,” she later said. “I personally don’t think that the statements that were made were in good taste and people have to understand like what led me to this point.”

We’ll have to wait and see if the tax evasion issues in the Chrisley family are covered on their show, or if they’ll ever manage to reconcile with Lindsie. 

Chrisley Knows Best airs back-to-back new episodes on Thursdays at 9 p.m. on USA. 

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