TikTok’s Viral Silhouette Challenge Has Gone Unfiltered

A new trend has once again taken over TikTok. This time it’s not a silly dance or delicious recipe (Ahem, hello hot chocolate bombs!). It’s actually called the Silhouette Challenge, and what was once a challenge to promote body positivity and sexual exploration has turned into something of a nightmare. 

A certain corner of the internet has figured out how to remove the red filter from the videos, essentially making the videos unfiltered and the subject’s body visible for anyone to see. There are even YouTube videos that give tutorials on how to remove the red filter. So, how did this all start? We have all the details.

People are calling for Reddit and YouTube to take action.

With the tutorials on how to remove the filter so readily available, many are asking YouTube and Reddit to help take down the videos offering the step-by-step process on how to alter the videos.

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Some Twitter users blamed the subjects themselves, noting that no one should be posting nude videos of themselves on the internet even if there is a filter. “I’m surprised that anyone taking a picture or video of himself or herself has any expectation of privacy. Perhaps one should be able to, but the evidence is that the pictures almost always get out,” they wrote. 

Another user responded to the tweet and insinuated that there was some victim blaming going on. “I can’t believe I have to explain this: anyone participating in this challenge only consented to show what they chose to show. They did not consent to gross a——s violating them and then teaching other gross a——s  to do the same,” they wrote.

View more information: https://www.distractify.com/p/silhouette-challenge-unfiltered

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