TikTok’s Cereal Box Hack Is Blowing Everybody’s Minds Right Now

By now, most of us know that TikTok is a cesspool for ingenuity, as it’s now a platform for dancers to share all of their most creative moves, a hub for lifestyle hacks, and, most importantly, a hotspot for dank cooking shortcuts. But the latest viral TikTok hack is seriously blowing the minds of users across the globe — apparently, we’ve been closing our cereal boxes incorrectly all these years, and we’re seriously shook.

You’re most likely wondering how we could have possibly closed our cereal boxes incorrectly after all these years, and trust us, we’re shocked too. While we can’t imagine how we managed to screw up such a simple task, TikTok has taught us an innovative new cereal box technique that has everyone freaking out. 

Here are a few cereal storage tips from avid cereal enthusiasts:

Although TikTok’s cereal box technique is relatively simple, there are a few tips professionals swear by — Katy Bee, for example, reminds cereal fiends like us not to accidentally tear the flaps of the box when first opening the box. If you do accidentally tear either of the flaps, the box might not close quite as efficiently as it could. 

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Finally, don’t try this storage technique if you’re looking to save any of that mini pancakes “cereal” for later — those are definitely best kept in a container in the refrigerator if you don’t manage to wolf down the entire thing.

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