These Photos of Bella Hadid Without Makeup Are Seriously Flawless

The way Bella Hadid looks without makeup is seriously unfair.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at this photo that Bella posted to Instagram back in 2017. She looks absolutely amazing, she’s in Greece, and according to the caption of the photo, she was filming there

I, personally, would look like a hot sweaty mess with a raging sunburn, but no — 21-year-old Bella obviously looked incredible, glowing in the gorgeous Greek moonlight. So. Darn. Typical. 

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See what I mean? This is quite honestly torture.

Or what about when the paps caught Bella leaving the Louis Vuitton office building in Paris, France, sporting little-to-no makeup? Despite her lack of makeup, though, she still looks seriously incredible.

Source: Getty Images

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Then there are several photos on her Instagram, in which Bella is casually basking by the pool. Obviously, she isn’t wearing makeup, since she’s sweating in the sun, all by herself.

And still, she isn’t wearing any makeup, but she looks like a goddess. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 

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Bella Hadid, you are far too gorgeous to be a real-life human. 

People aren’t supposed to be this gorgeous, and to be completely honest, I’m really salty about it. 

… And that’s because she is scientifically set apart from other humans.

According to Mirror, Bella Hadid’s face actually fits what I mentioned above — the “golden ratio.” This specifically refers to the placement of features on her face.

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If you aren’t familiar with it, the Golden Ratio was created by the Ancient Greeks thousands of years ago, according to Mirror. It quantifies beauty, and ultimately puts a label on what is considered “scientifically beautiful.”

It said if the ratios of a face or body are equal or close to the number 1.618 (which is known as Phi), they are more aesthetically pleasing. It was used by Leonardo da Vinci as well as other painters to model some of their best works. 


Source: Getty Images

So, there you have it. Bella Hadid looks truly incredible with and without makeup, and if you couldn’t quite tell, I am beyond frustrated. Bella doesn’t have a single blemish? Not even a freckle? 

In the end, I guess Bella’s makeup-free beauty makes sense — the youngest Hadid sister has been scientifically defined as the most beautiful person in the world, according to the ancient Greek Golden Ratio. All I have to say is, “Bella, share some pretty with the rest of us.”

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