The ‘Life Below Zero’ Star Lost 75 Pounds

The mother of two loves the work she does at the Kavik River compound, which is located 197 miles north of the Arctic Circle. But being the camp’s sole resident can get old after a while — especially now that she has a boyfriend.

On July 26, Sue shared a few pictures of her man, Michael Heinrich, with Instagram followers, writing, “You have to stop and make time to give a moment to your sweetie. Long distances can be tough, but we both make it work. Love you sweetie.”

In her chat with Monsters & Critics, Sue admitted that her kids were initially worried about the relationship. “When they met [Michael], the first thing, independently, that they [said to] him was, ‘Please don’t try to change my mom. Let her be that wild person she needs to be, because if you take that away, she’ll start to wither.'”

The business owner acknowledged, “It’s definitely not a lifestyle for everybody. And I do have my times where I look and go, ‘What the hell are you thinking?’… But then something else happens, and I go, ‘Hey, yeah, this is why I do it.'”

One of her recent projects was cleaning up a portion of the Kavik River. “Something that had happened maybe in the ‘30s or ‘40s trashed a whole extension of the river. I get to clean it up, and there’s tiny little baby fish living in it now,” she shared. “How can I not feel proud of that?”

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