‘The Good Doctor’ Spoiler Alert: How Did Maddie Die?

Medical dramas aren’t known for pulling punches when it comes to depressing topics. They’re often extremely depressing affairs. But what makes them so gratifying to watch is how the characters, while in the face of profound loss and devastation, manage to hold their heads up regardless of what tragedies befall them. That’s why fans of The Good Doctor are so concerned with how Maddie died, as well as with how her passing affected her father, Dr. Aaron Glassman.

How did Maddie die in ‘The Good Doctor’? An assumed overdose.

Dr. Glassman is haunted by the specter of his daughter, Maddie, who began experimenting with recreational drug use. Frustrated with how to best deal with his daughter’s growing addiction, he would bargain with her and threaten to no longer provide for her if she continued using drugs.

Their relationship was a fractured one as Dr. Glassman spent most of his time acting as President of San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital.

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Aaron later hallucinates his daughter after he’s diagnosed with a brain tumor. After the tumor’s resected, he starts to see visions of her and the two have arguments about their relationship and what transpired up until her death. After they get into a verbal altercation, Maddie ultimately tells her father that she loves him. Aaron then passes out and goes to sleep. When he comes to, Maddie is nowhere to be seen.

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Dr. Glassman’s guilt over the loss of his daughter could explain why he takes on the patriarchal, father figure of the hospital so well. Prior to Maddie leaving the house, Dr. Glassman’s wife suggested they take their daughter to rehab, but Aaron had insisted he was perfectly capable of “fixing” her himself. 

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It could be why he so intently watches over the staff so much, including the show’s main character, Dr. Shaun Murphy, who has been diagnosed with savant syndrome and autism. Sometimes, Dr. Glassman is a little too overbearing with his affection and watchful eye, to the point where Shaun has to ask him to step back.

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The way he lost his daughter and his previous “hands-off” approach to fatherhood could be the reason why he’s trying so hard to make amends for being a workaholic and losing his child to an overdose-induced suicide.

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