The Anime Filter on TikTok Shows What You’d Look Like as an Anime

It’s no secret that trends on TikTok tend to take off really fast. Thanks to the countless filters the app offers to enhance your video-making experience, you can change your appearance or your surroundings in an instant with any of the app’s options. Some have used the color selector filter to see if their teeth are yellow or what color their eyes really are, while others have used the reality ripple filter to try to detect ghosts in their homes.

Now, some users are using a new anime filter that shows you what you would look like if you were transplanted into your favorite anime. The filter is super reactive, adjusting to your features, making it a popular one on the app.

Here’s how you can use the anime filter in your next TikTok.

How to get the anime filter on TikTok.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking to find this anime filter on TikTok, you’ll have a hard time finding it, as it’s not actually available on the app. While TikTok has countless of their own filters for you to use and create content with, the anime filter is not one of them.

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Some users have found the anime filter in their pre-recommended filters on Snapchat, but as the app seems to tailor the filters suggested to individual users, it might not show up on your pre-provided filters.

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If it’s not there, you can swipe up on the screen to open Snapchat’s library of filters, where you can then search for it using either the search bar or by browsing through the app’s categories. This specific anime filter is called “Anime Style” created by Snapchat, though there are also similar filters that pop up when just searching for “anime.” For some, though, even this doesn’t produce access to the filter.

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If you’re still struggling to find it, some TikTok users have provided links to access it in their bios. If you’re very determined to use the filter, whether to make a TikTok or just to send to your friends on Snapchat, your best option is to try to find a user offering access to it.

The best option is to scroll through the comments on these videos as they come across your page to see if you can locate it. Once you find the link to unlock it, it’ll give you access to the filter for 48 hours.

It’s currently unclear why the filter is so hard to find, though if enough users use it to create content, Snapchat will be more likely to offer it as a staple filter on their app. 

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