Ted Nugent and His Wife Are an All-American Couple

Before Ted met Shemane, he had his own spotty history with relationships. Two women have accused him of having sexual relationships with them when they were underage, and he even admitted to as much in a Behind the Music episode. And before he even met his first wife, he’d fathered two children who he gave up for adoption.

Ted then married Sandra Jezowski in 1970, and they had two children (which brings Ted’s total number of children to four, so far) before their marriage ended in 1979. However, Sandra sadly died in a car accident three years later. In 1989, Ted met his current wife, Shemane Deziel, with whom he has one child.

But hold up, that only makes five! So who’s Ted’s sixth child? In 2005, Ted agreed to pay $3,500 every month to Karen Gutowski, with whom he had a son while he was married to Shemane. So although Ted and Shemane appear to be living the epitome of a drug-free, all-American, pro-guns marriage, they’ve had their fair share of controversy.

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