Taylor Swift Canceled? Why the Mega Star Is Going Viral This Time

Although the trend is being labeled as the #taylorswiftisoverparty, it seems as though the real root of the issue is fan behavior. Taylor’s notoriously loyal and vocal fan group apparently decided to hop on TikTok when John Mayer, her notably-mentioned ex, unveiled his first post on the app, and the comments made by some were less than ideal. 

The singer’s comment section was quickly inundated with Swifties calling him out for he and Taylor’s breakup, referencing her song “Dear John” and painting him in a negative light, and just overall attacking him through a variety of posts under the video.

In response to this wave of unprovoked hate from Swifties, many John Mayer fans and otherwise passive users took to Twitter and started building momentum behind the hashtag, citing how toxic the chart-topping star’s fan group can be. Once it reached critical mass, some even began interjecting with old photos, some of which were edited, to continue to attempt to prove how she and her fans are problematic.

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