Some ‘Outer Banks’ Fans Believe John B’s Dad Is Still Dead

Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays Carla on Outer Banks, spoke to HollywoodLife about that massive Season 2 cliffhanger. While she didn’t confirm or deny her character’s relationship with Big John, she did seem to skirt around questions about Big John.

When asked if Big John can trust Carla, Elizabeth said, “I don’t think anyone should trust Carla.”

Then, when there was a question about Big John being a threat, she said, “That’s a great question. Is he someone that she can trust? Is he someone that is a threat? I think those are very much, forgive me, I know that it’s so hard for actors to be so cagey, but I do feel that that is up in the air.”

Her vague answers certainly lend something to this theory about John B’s dad still being dead.

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