She and Her Ex-Husband Co-Parent Two Sons

Most people probably recognize Mayim Bialik as Amy Farrah Fowler, Sheldon Cooper’s partner from The Big Bang Theory. The talented actress is also known for starring in the early ’90s sitcom Blossom and the not-quite-as-successful sitcom Call Me Kat. By the time June 2021 rolled around, the actress was poised to serve as a guest host Jeopardy!

Naturally, plenty of folks wondered about Mayim’s personal life. Does she have children? Is she currently married? Let’s take a closer look.

Mayim Bialik amicably co-parents two children with her ex-husband.

In general, Mayim and Michael have made it a point to keep their kids’ personal lives private — meaning they don’t publicly share photos or details involving their children. But sometimes, the actress does open up about her co-parenting experience.

Even amid the initial COVID-19 lockdown, Mayim and her ex-husband made peaceful co-parenting a priority. The single mom explained that her family had been “essentially quarantining together in two houses.”

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Mayim and Michael also make it a point to come together as a family for holidays and other big events — despite the fact that they’re divorced — for the benefit of their children.

“Divorce isn’t the end of a family; it’s the end of a nuclear family, it’s the end of a family living in one house,” she explained on her YouTube channel in August 2016. “But we still have responsibilities to each other’s families and to our children as a family. It only strengthens my kids’ lives to have all of the people they are related to together for significant events.”

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Source: Mayim Bialik/YouTube

Although Mayim’s children never really watched The Big Bang Theory, they have tuned into Call Me Kat thanks to their father. “It was actually my ex-husband that watched the show with them,” the mom of two told Us Weekly. “I don’t watch myself and really didn’t want to hear them be like, ‘You look weird. Why is your hair like [that]?’ I don’t want to deal with it.”

(Honestly, we don’t blame you, Mayim.)

In case you were wondering, Call Me Kat has officially been renewed for Season 2. We can’t wait to see what’s in store next for the quirky cat cafe owner!

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