See Jerry Seinfeld’s Kids Now — The Oldest Child Is in College

In a recent interview with WNYC, Jerry revealed that Sascha, Julian, and Shepherd do not cut him any slack when it comes to keeping his comedy chops up to par. He said that they do find him funny, “but if I’m not, which occasionally, of course, humor is a very hit and miss business, as we know. And when I’m not, believe me, they will take me out at the knees. They will. They’ll look at me and just go, ‘That’s it? That’s all you got?’”

But it’s not like Jerry lets the kids off easy, either. When his son complained about not being able to study because “the wind was howling,” Jerry let him have it: “I said, ‘We can’t say things like that.’ If you’re going to complain — my whole act is, of course, constant complaining — but you have to find something amusing in that complaint. Otherwise, keep your mouth shut. I’m very hard on my family as far as being entertaining. You know, at my dinner table, you’re supposed to be funny.”

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